Litanie van het thuisgeluid
In this project Jacob works together with artist Charlotte Peys.
They presented Litany of Home Sound, an auditory walk past other people's ears, on the International Day Against Noise (April 28, 2021).
The project is about the different kinds of sounds we hear at home, can or cannot see, or exist only in our memories. In this auditory walk, they explore how sounds affect our mood, what emotions they evoke and how we get through the day with them.
To answer these questions, they put their ears to nine authors. They asked each of them to reflect on the themes of the project:
listening, safety, space, silence, home, alertness, time(s), small sounds, noise and tranquility.
In March 2020, they sent out a sound call into the world, inviting people to send in their home sounds. Using these submitted sounds, they tell some anecdotes about sound in our home environment, supplemented by historical or scientific facts about noise and home sound.
This creates a long litany, an alternation between their stories and the authors' literary findings.
Maarten Inghels, Moya De Feyter, Anna Carlier, Paul Demets, Maud Vanhauwaert, Pim Cornelussen, David Troch, Freek Mariƫn and Ruth Mellaerts.

Litanie van het thuisgeluid
Litanie van het thuisgeluid